This is Kevin, I have been a musician since 1981. I started playing when my parents bought me a toy piano at the age of 3. At age 15 they bought me an acoustic guitar for my birthday. Today I own electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric pianos, midi keyboards, bass guitar, a usb microphone and drums. Growing up I wanted to record my own music but did not have the money to buy expensive recording studio equipment. Besides, recording studio equipment can take up a lot of room. In 2007 I discovered Mixcraft and it's the best affordable software that installs right on your computer. What is Mixcraft? Mixcraft is a powerful yet easy-to-use multi-track recording studio that enables you to record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with virtual instruments, score and edit video, and add effects to create stunningly professional compositions. Easy enough for everyone and powerful enough for the pros. One great feature is you don't have to have any instruments to create music with Mixcraft. It has virtual instruments where you can click on the notes that you want the program to play. Here is an Example of a song I played using Mixcraft 5 Virtual Instruments. The song is "Somewhere in my memory" the Home Alone Theme song originally conducted by John Williams

Mixcraft was also in EQ Magazine and also won awards. Click here to check the Article from EQ magazine CLICK HERE FOR A FREE TRIAL OF MIXCRAFT Why I chose Mixcraft?
  • It only costs $74.95 compared to buying an expensive electronic recording studio that can cost hundreds to thousands
  • I can connect my electronic piano, midi keyboard, guitar, bass, drums and microphone in Mixcraft
  • There are thousands of free virtual instruments online (VST plugins) to use with Mixcraft
  • A midi keyboard can be used to play the Mixcraft virtual instruments
  • It has Virtual Amplifiers to change the sound of an electric guitar.
  • There are tons of free Guitar Amp software online to use with Mixcraft
  • It is a powerful music editing software
  • You can do a remix of songs to sound like a professional DJ
  • It has all the effects, equalizers and features to create professional quality music
The quality of the Virtual Instruments Mixcrafts has a large variety of virtual instruments to choose from and the sound quality is breathtaking. All the instruments are very realistic and crystal clear. Even when using the string instruments, you can hear the sound of the bow gliding across the strings and it sounds amazing. When playing the classical guitar it's like you can really hear the fingers plucking the strings. When playing the drums it's like you can hear the stick striking each drum and cymbal with very realistic quality. Who can use Mixcraft?
  • Anyone interested to record their own music
  • Vocalists can use effects to enhance the quality or sound of their voice
  • DJ's can create awesome beats or create remixes
  • Guitarists can record an awesome solo
  • A composer can create a virtual orchestra
People with no musical experience can use Mixcraft too. If you have no musical experience, Mixcraft has it's own built in loops of different musical instruments from bass, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, organs, synthesizer, strings and more. A loop is a repeated pattern of an instrument or beat. It also has different styles of loops from rock, blues, country, funk, hip hop, dance, house, rock, techno and more. With these loops you can create your own song using these features. My favorite feature in Mixcraft Guitar Plugins My favorite part of Mixcraft is connecting my guitar to the computer and playing with Virtual Amps. It is like going to the music store and buying an amp, but instead the amp is right inside your computer. Virtual Amps can be used to change the sound of your guitar from distortion, delay, echo, equalizers, chorus, flanger, reverb and more. Also there are hundreds of free downloadable Virtual Amps online that can be loaded into Mixcraft. If you want your guitar to sound like Metallica, you can find them free online. Now instead of going to the music store to buy guitar pedals or guitar amps and wasting your money, search online for free downloadable VST virtual guitar amps. Below are examples VST virtual guitar amps.

Virtual Instruments
Another great feature are the virtual instruments. Mixcraft has a large variety of instruments including drums, pianos, organs, strings, wind instruments, synthesizers and more. Also there are thousands of free VST plugins online to use with Mixcraft. You can use the Mixcraft Piano Roll feature to program each note manually or connect a midi keyboard to record music in real time.

Click here to learn how to use Virtual Instruments in Mixcraft

Example of Mixcraft Piano Roll Feature

Examples of Virtual Instrument Feature